How to Acquire OEC Exemption

oec exemption
OEC Exemption succeed!

I have mentioned in my previous post that I will be having my short vacation in my home country and in South Korea, and I just cannot wait for it. However, before I go gaga preparing the things to bring and list down what I need, I have to make sure that all travel documents are A-OKay.

For Filipino OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers like me, we have this travel document that is required from us before we can proceed in exiting our home country and going back to our work destination. It is notoriously known as the OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate (in short, EXIT PASS). OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) is a requirement for OFW at the Philippine Immigration Section (in the Philippine airport) prior to their return to the country where they are working. It is an evidence showing that the individual is a documented Overseas Filipino Worker.

OEC Sample
OEC sample

During my previous travel to my home country, I have to secure a new OEC because I transferred to a new company and I now have a new sponsor and new employment contract. I will share about it on a separate blog. This time I can secure an OEC exemption since 1. I am returning to the same employer; 2. I am returning to the same job site/country; and 3. I have record in POEA database. When you say “record in POEA database”, it means you have previously been issued with an OEC by POEA.

Let me share with you the process of availing OEC exemption thru the Balik Manggagawa/ BM online Processing website:

  1. Go to the BM Online Processing Website. If you are a new user then you need to register. But if you are already registered then you just need to login.
  2. Click the ACQUIRE OEC EXEMPTION square button you find at the upper right side
  3. A pop up box will appear and it will require you to provide your expected flight schedule back to the job site. Then click submit.
  4. Another pop up box will appear and ask you if you are returning to the same employer and same job site. Click Yes to get the exemption. If you click no, it will direct you to the appointment schedule page. 
  5. Confirmation box will appear once you click YES. Then once you confirm that all conditions are met then click ACQUIRE EXEMPTION button in blue. 
  6. You will then get a message stating that you are exempted from securing OEC and it will include your BM exemption number. 

Once you got your BM exemption number, you may now travel back to job site without the need to present an OEC. Just follow the procedure below on the day of your flight.

oec exemption

For more detailed instruction, check out this Frequently Asked Question file from POEA.  Q&A OEC Exemption

What’s Up: 2017 Chinese New Year 新年快乐

If you think that Chinese celebrates New year during the first of January, well you are wrong. This 2017, Chinese people will be celebrating spring festival this January 28 and for them, this is a very important holiday and chance for gatherings of families.

So why is it a big deal for Chinese to celebrative Spring Festival?

  • To celebrate a year of hard work, have a good rest with family; and
  • To wish for a lucky and prosperous new year.

So how do Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year? Well, in the Philippines, I grew up experiencing the below but at the same time, I added those which the Chinese people do in China during this celebration.

1. We wake up early. My father will force us to wake up early and start moving coz he said that we are supposed to be awake and energize the whole year so we should start it on that day.

2. We wear red clothes also underwear because it is a belief that red is a lucky color and it attracts success and fortune.

3. We clean and decorate our house with red paper chinese lamps & we make sure that the altar of Chinese gods are well-lit and food such as fruits and chinese sweets are serve infront of them. We even hang Hong Bao (红包) or red envelope infront of our door so that it will attract dragon and lion dancers to come in our house and bless us and wards off evil spirit.

4. We also give Hong Bao or red envelopes to our families, relatives and friends to wish them success and fortune in the coming year.

5. We also prepare food and usually we have sweet round fruits, sweet round foam bread, rice cakes, almond pie, fish because according to Chinese belief that chinese word for fish 鱼 sounds like surplus 余 which means eating fish will bring surplus of money and good luck.

6. Like I have mentioned earlier, there are lion or dragon dancers who visit different establishments whether it be commercial or residential in order to “perform”. Along with them are other performers who does the drums, cymbals and gongs. The drummer is the conductor and he set the rhythm. When we were young, my siblings and I, are always excited about Chinese New Year because we earn money by joining the lion/dragon dance. Lion Dance is perform by two people – one who controls the lion’s head and the other guy handles controls the tail. Meanwhile, the dragon dance is performed by many people since it is quite long and it moves in S movement. My brothers and cousins know how to play the drum, control the head and tail; while, I, just play the cymbals or gongs. 😀 Even my father was known to have so much passion in lion dancing. He would tell us that he does stunts and exhibitions while controlling the head of the lion, and they get paid a hefty amount of money. 

7. We are also encourage to welcome the Chinese New Year by visiting Chinese temples. We live near Chinatown in Manila so the nearest temple that we visit is the one near Narra in Masangkay. We would light an incense stick and pray and wish to the gods. They are giving away soup and ginger tea in the temple and once the clock strikes 12 midnight then there would be firework.

So what are the Dos and Don’ts during Chinese New Year?

Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t forget to send good vibes all year long! 🙂

How to get Korean Tourist Visa in Dubai, UAE


One day, I told myself that I want to travel to South Korea to witness the way of living in that country, to taste their authentic Korean cuisines, to be amaze with their beautiful tourist spots and if lucky, meet and greet my favorite Korean Oppas (term used by girls when speaking to guys – older brothers and cousins/ term of endearment used by females for their boyfriends who are older than them) – Nam Joo Hyuk, Jung Il Woo, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook oppa. <3

The initial plan was travel with my college best friend Balky last November 2016. However, I had a hard time getting a visa. Because of the following reasons:

  1. If you are a resident of UAE and will be applying your SoKor Tourist visa here, then you need to have a residence visa with a validity of more than six (6) months. Mine is valid till January 2017 so I only had 3 months valid RV;
  2. So plan B is to apply in Manila. I prepare all documents (stamped original bank statements & Bank certificate), certificate of employment, OEC (Overseas Employment certificate, etc. HOWEVER, when I went to submit my documents in South Korean embassy in Manila, they asked for my LOCAL bank statement which I don’t have since I had my bank accounts closed when I decided to work and reside in UAE.
  3. I only have 3 days left prior to our flight so it is quite impossible to rush the visa and they don’ expedite visa also. Therefore, we’re left with no choice but for Balky to go on his own and for me to reschedule my flight this February 2017.

Come January 2017, I made sure that I prepare everything. I renewed my residence visa as early as possible and I requested for the recent 3 months stamped bank statements, No-Objection letter from my employer and completed my application form. I also submit my ticket itinerary and hotel confirmation. I locate their embassy here in Dubai and allocate half day to submit my application. They checked my documents and gave me a piece of paper with schedule date as to when I can claim my passport and visa. I am so excited that until now I still can’t figure out where to go first in my travel itinerary. 😀 So if you are planning to apply for Korean visa and you are residing here in UAE, please feel free to check the procedures and tips below. 🙂

Procedure in applying for Korean Tourist Visa:

  1. Make sure you have completed the following requirements:
    • completed and signed application form. (if applicant is under 16 years old, then parent or guardian should sign the form); Do not staple your form. I will post another entry on how to complete this form.
    • One passport sized photograph which was taken within the past 6 months. Printed photographs are not allowed;
    • Signed & stamped No Objection/employment letter from your company which indicates your complete name (name that appears in your passport), nationality, Passport number, position, salary, purpose of your visit, hiring date, etc. OR if you are self-employed, then you need to submit copy of your trade license.
    • Recent original stamped bank statements within the last 3 months. It is important that your wage/salary is shown to be credited to your account regularly;
    • Copy of your hotel reservation, Round trip ticket or itinerary in South Korea;
    • Original passport which should be valid for more than six (6) months and has two more blank pages left. Copy of your passport. and
    • copy of you UAE residence visa (in A4 size) which should be valid for more than 6 months if you are not a UAE national.
  2. Submit your complete documents to their embassy in Dubai located in Villa #39, Street 24b, Area 342, Jumeirah 2. Personal appearance is a MUST. Note that visa application submission is from 9:00 am till 12:00 pm Sunday thru Thursday.
  3. Once you are in the Visa consular office, secure a ticket number and wait for your number to be called. There’s four windows – two for Korean nationals and two for Foreign nationals.
  4. Approach the window when your number is flashed on the TV screen, hand over your documents including original passport. Consular officers will check and might ask you some questions to verify some things. They might also ask you to call your bank and request you to provide them authorization so that they can verify your bank account details from the bank agents.
  5. Once done, you will then have to pay the visa fee of AED 160.00. Single entry tourist visa fee is free for Filipinos. You cannot apply for multiple entry if it is a tourist visa and it is your first time to travel to SoKor.
  6. After payment, they will provide you with receipt (white paper) indicating the amount that you paid, the visa you applied and the scheduled date when you can collect your passport and visa. Visa collection is from 3:00 pm till 4:00 pm.

You may also visit their website at Consulate General of ROK in Dubai

For Your Info: Dubai RTA NOL cards

Dubai RTA Silver NOL card

If you are planning to travel to Dubai and enjoy the most out of it, worry no more because this city has one of the most organize transportations in the world. It will be easy for you to find the tourist spots very accessible to public transportation and at the same time, you can be assure that you’ll be brought to your destination safe and sound. Road and Transport Authority, Dubai’s government sector that manages road and transportation concerns is in continuously bringing innovations and improvement to make the travel of its citizens, residents and tourists a breeze.

One of the best means of transportation I truly love in Dubai is the Dubai Metro or Dubai Metro Train. Aside from giving its riders’ a very convenient access to the malls, offices, and hotels, the Metro train is also considered to be one of the well-maintained trains and train stations. I can attest to how clean the stations are, how easy it easy to go through their directions and how fast and efficient the trains are. FYI, So are you ready to get to know more on how to travel using the Dubai Metro Train? Well then let’s go!

For residents, like me, it’s a must that you have a nol card with you coz you use it to pay for the metro train, buses (water or land), Parking and Dubai Tram. Note that CASH is not allowed to pay for the buses and tram.

RTA Red Ticket
Features Silver Nol Gold Nol Personal Nol Red ticket
can be used on Metro, Bus, Water Bus, Parking Metro, Bus, Water Bus, Parking Metro, Bus, Water Bus, Parking Bus, Metro & Water Bus
e-purse (loadable) YES YES YES YES
Get it from Ticket office, RTA Customer service center, Authorized sales agents Metro ticketing offices Ticket Office, Online Ticket Offices, Ticket vending machine
Required Documents None None Photo and National ID
1. Disabled card: Copy of Disability card (for the disabled);
2. Senior Card: National ID and Photo only;
3. Student card: A stamped letter from school (for students)
Price AED 25 (and this includes AED 19 e-purse value) AED 25 (and this includes AED 19 e-purse value) AED 70 (and this includes AED 20 e-purse value) Depends on your destination
Requires Activation No No Yes, at the ticketing office No
Validity 5 years 5 years 5 years 90 days
Top Up/Loading places Ticketing offices, Ticket Vending machines, RTA Customer service center Ticketing offices, Ticket Vending machines, RTA Customer service center Ticketing offices, Ticket Vending machines, RTA Customer service center  


Take note of the following:

  1. Always keep your card with you and don’t forget to tap in once when you ride and tap out when you get off the vehicle. There are inspector that checks your card whether you did this, if found that you didn’t tap in, then they will charge you with ticket violation. (Fine is AED 200)
  2. When you are in any RTA vehicles, eating (even chewing of gums) and drinking is not allowed. (Fine is AED 100)
  3. There is a designated coach for women and children which is the first three coaches. Men are not allowed to stay in the women’s coach. Fine is AED 100.
  4. Do not put your feet on the seats. (Fine is AED 100); Smoking and carrying alcoholic drinks inside public transport is not allowed. (Fine is AED 200)
  5. Using forged NOL card or ticket. Fine is AED 500.
  6. Tampering or operating emergency facility/devices if not required. Fine is AED 2000.
  7. Be considerate to other people. Avoid shouting or talking in loud voices and playing music.
  8. Give seats to the pregnant women and women with young children.
  9. Avoid blocking and standing near the door if there are still space inside.
  10. Keep the vehicle and the station clean and smells good.

Where to Eat: Bu Qtair Restaurant

If you are craving for fresh seafood and casual dining experience right beside the beach, then head on to Jumeirah road along Kite beach and check out Bu Qtair Restaurant. Known for its quaint, unusual concept and location, this place surely offers limited menu of fried fresh fish (they have Sherry and Hammour), chili fried prawns, curry sauce, yellow/biryani rice (but they also have white rice) and paratha.

Bu Qtair Restaurant

Prior to visiting their place, we decided to give them a call night before our visit and we were informed that they are open during weekend from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM then 6:00PM to 11:30 PM. If you are coming from Deira then you can take Bus X28, else you can take Metro station and get off Jafiliya Station and ride Bus X28. We arrived around 2:00PM and the place is already full so I asked Doppy to check the outdoor seating and reserve a table for us while I wait in the queue at the order station.

Queue at the order station

They have a reminder posted near the order station informing customers that all tables are reserved. So what you need to do is order first then wait outside to be called, once you heard your name, collect your food and ask a server to lead you to an empty table- which obviously we didn’t do. 🙂

Hand wash section & Reminders

When it was my turn to order, I chose half kilo of the marinated and unshelled prawns (1kg is AED 150) and one medium Hamour (i think this is around AED 50). We also ordered 2 plates of Biryani rice and two softdrinks in can. We paid AED 165.00 for all and the servings are just too much for the two of us.

Too be honest, there’s so much hype for this restaurant. I mean the chili prawns aren’t that tasty. It’s rubbery and you’ll taste burned seasonings rather than tasty and flavorful prawns aside from them being too oily. However, we love the very tasty and well-marinated Hamour. The fish meat was able to absorb the seasonings that’s why it’s definitely a star for us. I love Hamour coz it is full of fish meat and less bones but they are just expensive. I prefer having white rice with my fish and prawns because my palate is confused between the taste of the Biryani and the fish & Shrimp. You can add curry sauce to your white rice – this I believe is much better. Our order is good for 3 to 4 person so if you want to experience this restaurant, bring 3 of your friends so you can share the bill among yourselves.

If you plan to visit them, make sure that you have lots of patience because the waiting time for the food to arrive is quite long and sometimes you need to constantly follow up your order. Also, their staff are not that accommodating and attentive because they will ignore you and won’t listen to your inquiries and requests.That’s why It can be frustrating.

Restaurant Name: Bu Qtair Restaurant

Location: Near Burj Al Arab, Street 4D, Opposite Fishermans Accomodation, Umm Suqeim, Dubai (Access location in google map)

Menu: Fried Sherry, Fried Hamour, Fried Prawns, White rice, Biryani rice & Paratha.

Payment method: Cash only

For your info: UAE government will conduct security checks for all foreign workers

Aside from the upcoming VAT implementation in the UAE, as per news outlet, those keen in moving and working here in UAE will likely have to undergo security checks. This means that they will be required to submit Police clearance certificate in order to be granted their UAE visa. 

This new process has already been approved last October 2016 and UAE’s FNC (Federal National Council) will soon pass a decision. At the moment, those who will be moving here to work are not required to submit their criminal history and there’s no concrete idea on how it will be put to work but most likely it will be put to practice for all new expats and maybe those who will renew their visas. 

Filipino Translation:

Para sa mga kabayan na may mga kilalang kaibigan o kamag-anak na nagbabalak manirahan at magtrabaho dito sa UAE, may bagong proseso kung saan kelangan sila sumailalim security check (maaring magpasa sila ng police clearance) para mabigyan ng UAE residence/working visa.

Hindi pa malinaw kung kelan ito sisimulan at kung ano ang talagang proseso pero may kasiguraduhan na may security or background check na gagawin. Ito ay para magkaron ng idea ang government officials na maayos ang background history ng mga maninirahan at magtatrabaho dito sa UAE. Nabanggit din na maaari rin itong ipatupad para sa mga magpaparenew ng visa nila. 

Where to Hang out: Picnic & Camping Spot in Al Qudra Oasis

One of the lakes in Al Qudra Oasis


Out of nowhere, we decided to take a road trip on a cold Friday afternoon. And since I have been following Prince Hamdan (@faz3) IG story, I always see that he’s been doing a lot of cycling and jogging in Al Qudra. So, off to Al Qudra we go, not to stalk him but to check out the amazing place.
It was quite a long drive, I remember we passed by Arabian Ranches and Dubai Studio City (see below link for google map). I am not good with locations so you can definitely check them using the google map. 😁

One of the beautiful swans in the Al Qudra Lake

We had so much energy on our way coz we were singing and laughing inside the car. The next thing we know, we are already in Al Qudra. And guess what lovelies? There’s gonna be Last Exit (foodtruck) in Al Qudra – it’s being constructed so anytime soon it will be open to the public. Yahoo! So no need to go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi boundary to visit Last Exit.


Al Qudra is a vast place where you can enjoy cycling, jogging and camping. I am sure you are going to love the place since it is near the city and the sunset view is amazing even your pets will enjoy walking and running around the place. You’ll love the feeling of being with nature since there are trees, plants, birds, ducks, flamingo and lots of man-made lakes. 😍 Camping and picnic is recommended BUT PLEASE make sure that you will not throw or leave your trash/garbage in the area. Don’t even mess with the lakes. It is just so annoying to see cigarette butts and trash near the lakes or scattered around the area. Come on! Why make a beautiful place dirty? People should be considerate enough to keep the place clean and to consider collecting their trash and throw it in the proper place. There are trash bins in the area. It’s just so frustrating when people enjoy the place yet leave their mess behind. Poor nature. Poor animals. Poor future generations. Let’s not waste the effort of the Dubai government to create places like this yet we mess them up.


So again, come visit Al Qudra lakes and you will fall in love with this simple place. Just a friendly reminder again, Do NOT leave your trash. Note that it is a bit hard to find the exit, so make sure that you memorize your way going in and out of the Oasis.

Google Map:

Al Qudra Lake Entrance

Where to Eat: Filipino Boodle Fight in Dubai- La Mesa Restaurant


Today, Two Nomads (of , our friend Anne & I decided to have our brunch ala Boodle fight at La Mesa Restaurant located in the heart of Deira City Centre Metro station. You will be able to find them behind the Somewhere Hotel. Don’t be confuse, there really is a hotel named Somewhere hotel infront Deira City Centre. 😁

Boodle Fight is a term used to describe the manner in which military army are eating together with their hands and the food are spread altogether in a long table covered with banana leaves. Nowadays, this kind of feast happens in Filipino family reunion, get together or birthday parties. The food include steamed rice, seafoods (steamed shrimp, crabs in oyster sauce/steamed crabs, ensaladang mangga/green mango mixed with shrimp paste, onions & tomatoes, chicken barbeque, roast pork/Liempo, chopsuey/mixed vegetables, pancit bihon/pancit canton. Well, it is really up to you what you want to serve in your boodle feast. You can also include fruits such as watermelon, strawberries and banana on the sides.

La Mesa Restaurant Boodle Fight

If you want to try Filipino boodle fight, head on to La Mesa Restaurant and check their boodle fight set menu which comes with unlimited steamed rice and iced tea. Their servings are good for 3 to 4 person. We tried the Manyaman which cost AED 169 (USD 46/PHP 2,270). This set includes grilled milkfish, Beef Karekare (beef cooked with peanut sauce and mixed vegetables), steamed shrimp, Chicken sisig, salted egg, Sweet marinated chicken, unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea. The fish is perfectly cooked but a bit bland so you have to dip it in the soy sauce, the chicken sisig is okay but not that amazing, the steamed shrimp is perfectly sweet (that means it is fresh), the sweet marinated chicken is okay but I want my Tocino/longganisa to be soft and chewy, the Beef Kare Kare is too sweet for my taste and their shrimp paste is too salty. They also gave us free sinigang/tangy soup. I suggest that you check all their set menu so you have an idea of the food included in each set.

When it comes to the ambience and theme of the restaurant, aside from their variations of songs being played inside the restaurant and the one being played outdoor, It gives a very Filipino designs in terms of tables and chairs as well as their indoor designs and displays. The servers are friendly and very accomodating. Order time and serving time isn’t that long so yes, you can definitely patiently wait for your food to be serve.

La Mesa Restaurant contact detail
Boodle Fight Menu


Restaurant name: La Mesa Restaurant

Cuisine: Filipino

Location: Ground floor, Centurion Star Tower, behind Day to Day, Deira City Centre, Dubai

Timings: Sun – Thurs – 11:30 am to 12 mn; Fri – Sat 10 am to 12mn

Contact number: 04-2979112

Where to Eat: Hotpot in Dubai – Xiao Hong Niu Hotpot

It is winter season in the UAE and you can find people strolling and dining outside until 12midnight or 2 am. Since we have a cold weather, hot food is always a good choice. Hotpot (火锅) also known as Chinese fondue is one of the most famous food in China. Basically, it is a metal pot with either two kinds of broth (spicy & normal) mixed with chinese herbs. You will then let the broth boil and then add mixed meat, seafoods, and vegetables.

Last night, we had our Hotpot dinner at Xiao Hong Niu Restaurant (小红牛火锅/ Little Red Ox Hotpot) located in Salah Al Din just after Ansar Gallery. They have different Hotpot set (which has fixed price and fixed ingredients) depending on how many person will eat or you can customize your own hotpot (with prices depending on the ingredients). We chose the set which cost AED 138 (USD 38/PHP 1,850) and is good for 3 to 4 person. It has two separate broth, mixed dumpling, lettuce, water cabbage, shrimp, tofu, 3 kinds of mushrooms, seaweeds, meat, crab dumpling, squid and noodles. We opt not to eat rice except for Kuya. 😁 Then we ordered bottomless plum iced tea for AED 12 (USD 4/PHP 161).

Unlike in Xiao Wei Yang Hotpot which charges their customers AED 4 for each customer for the condiments, seasonings and hotpot sauces; Xiao Hong Niu serves them for free. So in a small bowl you can mix soy sauce, chili garlic oil or just chili sauce, crushed fresh garlic, chopped onion leaves or peanut sauce; then in your separate bowl, you can mix the broth and your sauces. You dont mix all the sauces in the metal hotpot since all of you are sharing the hotpot and the others might not like your choice of sauces so you mix yours in a separate bowl. Make sure that taste first the spicy broth prior to taking in a spoonful coz it might be too spicy for your taste. Also, when putting in the ingredients in the hotpot, you have to put the meat first, then mushroom, vegetables, seafoods except shrimp, dumplings then tofu and lastly the shrimp. If you are not sure of which sauce to mix, I recommend that you have soy sauce, onion leaves, fresh minced garlic, chili and chili oil and salt OR some opt to eat theirs with peanut sauce.

With the Two nomads of & our dear friend A

Besides it delicious flavors, I like the concept of hotpot because it brings friends and loved ones closer because you have the chance to eat, drink and have a good conversation during the course of meal. In addition, it is also healthy because of the way the food is cook and the nutritious ingredients. I remember when I went to Xiamen, they have this very over-the-top spicy hotpot and they said that once in a while they eat it coz it is good for bowel movement and at the same time, they make sure that the following days they will be just eating steamed vegetables and fish.

So what do you need to remember when having a hotpot?

1. Make sure you let the broth boil first before putting in the ingredients

2. Put in food that takes longer time to cook. For instance, meat, mushrooms, dumplings then followed by vegetables, tofu and then shrimp

3. Do not mix the broth with any condiments because others may not like it. So just get a separate bowl and scoop in some broth and then mix your sauces in your own bowl.

4. Careful not to immediately swallow or put the food in your mouth. They are extremely hot. I am sure you dont want to end up having a numb tongue.

5. You may use the ladle to transfer the broth from the hotpot to your bowl. And you may request for spoon aside from the chinese spoon for soup that they provide.

6. Yes, you may have rice. 😊 Put some mixed broth on top of your rice and it taste amazing.

7. Prepare tissue and handkerchief in case you cannot control the spice and you end up getting sweaty.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to try on something new. Head on and find the perfect hotpot for you.

Now What? : We go gaga over DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival)

Even guys go gaga over #DubaiShoppingFestival this year. Everyone is heading out to different malls around Dubai to get their hands on the latest fashion trends, gadgets, accessories and a whole lot more. Huge brands like Old Navy, Top shop, Mont Blanc, Nine West, Bershka, Footlocker & many more are having sales/promotions.

Two-nomads of & Doppy

Tips on shopping during #DSF :

1. Come early so you have ample time to try out the clothes/shoes w/o taking time queueing outside the fitting room.

2. If you are early then you will have good chances to find the nicest stuff on sale. Plus,you wont have to dig in the pile of clothes or rack to search for the good stuff.

3. Wear comfortable clothings. Bear in mind that we are in a Muslim country so we need to consider also our Muslim brothers & sisters who might find skimpy & short clothings to be too provocative. In addition, it is cold nowadays so bring jacket or cardigan to keep you warm.

4. Note that it is going to be crowded in the malls so check on the internet which malls are frequently visited. Good suggestion would be #MirdiffCityCentre. The place is amazing and houses big brands & is frequently visited by the local Emiratis.

5. Take care of your belongings. Ensure that you have your phone, card, cash and other items in possession coz you never know, you might misplace it. Dubai is a safe country but sometimes we lose things because we’re too complacent to leave things behind. Of course, we never know if people might mistook it as theirs and bring it with them.

6. If you are going to bring your little ones, try to have them wear a bracelet with your contact details so that it will be easier for someone who will assist them to find you in case they are lost.

7. Dont be an impulsive buyer. Try to research and compare the price prior to buying in the mall. Check out your credit card or debit card promo that you can avail. Dont waste the chance of using these promos.

8. If you get hungry while shopping, save money and head on to their foodcourt. You will appreciate the wide range of food stalls & cuisines that offer affordable & delicious food. Dubai Mall has one of the biggest foodcourt.

Enjoy shopping and remember, DO NOT GO BEYOND YOUR MEANS. 🙂

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