Where to Hang out: Picnic & Camping Spot in Al Qudra Oasis

One of the lakes in Al Qudra Oasis


Out of nowhere, we decided to take a road trip on a cold Friday afternoon. And since I have been following Prince Hamdan (@faz3) IG story, I always see that he’s been doing a lot of cycling and jogging in Al Qudra. So, off to Al Qudra we go, not to stalk him but to check out the amazing place.
It was quite a long drive, I remember we passed by Arabian Ranches and Dubai Studio City (see below link for google map). I am not good with locations so you can definitely check them using the google map. 😁

One of the beautiful swans in the Al Qudra Lake

We had so much energy on our way coz we were singing and laughing inside the car. The next thing we know, we are already in Al Qudra. And guess what lovelies? There’s gonna be Last Exit (foodtruck) in Al Qudra – it’s being constructed so anytime soon it will be open to the public. Yahoo! So no need to go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi boundary to visit Last Exit.


Al Qudra is a vast place where you can enjoy cycling, jogging and camping. I am sure you are going to love the place since it is near the city and the sunset view is amazing even your pets will enjoy walking and running around the place. You’ll love the feeling of being with nature since there are trees, plants, birds, ducks, flamingo and lots of man-made lakes. 😍 Camping and picnic is recommended BUT PLEASE make sure that you will not throw or leave your trash/garbage in the area. Don’t even mess with the lakes. It is just so annoying to see cigarette butts and trash near the lakes or scattered around the area. Come on! Why make a beautiful place dirty? People should be considerate enough to keep the place clean and to consider collecting their trash and throw it in the proper place. There are trash bins in the area. It’s just so frustrating when people enjoy the place yet leave their mess behind. Poor nature. Poor animals. Poor future generations. Let’s not waste the effort of the Dubai government to create places like this yet we mess them up.


So again, come visit Al Qudra lakes and you will fall in love with this simple place. Just a friendly reminder again, Do NOT leave your trash. Note that it is a bit hard to find the exit, so make sure that you memorize your way going in and out of the Oasis.

Google Map:

Al Qudra Lake Entrance

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