Where to Eat: Filipino Boodle Fight in Dubai- La Mesa Restaurant


Today, Two Nomads (of Two-Nomads.com) , our friend Anne & I decided to have our brunch ala Boodle fight at La Mesa Restaurant located in the heart of Deira City Centre Metro station. You will be able to find them behind the Somewhere Hotel. Don’t be confuse, there really is a hotel named Somewhere hotel infront Deira City Centre. 😁

Boodle Fight is a term used to describe the manner in which military army are eating together with their hands and the food are spread altogether in a long table covered with banana leaves. Nowadays, this kind of feast happens in Filipino family reunion, get together or birthday parties. The food include steamed rice, seafoods (steamed shrimp, crabs in oyster sauce/steamed crabs, ensaladang mangga/green mango mixed with shrimp paste, onions & tomatoes, chicken barbeque, roast pork/Liempo, chopsuey/mixed vegetables, pancit bihon/pancit canton. Well, it is really up to you what you want to serve in your boodle feast. You can also include fruits such as watermelon, strawberries and banana on the sides.

La Mesa Restaurant Boodle Fight

If you want to try Filipino boodle fight, head on to La Mesa Restaurant and check their boodle fight set menu which comes with unlimited steamed rice and iced tea. Their servings are good for 3 to 4 person. We tried the Manyaman which cost AED 169 (USD 46/PHP 2,270). This set includes grilled milkfish, Beef Karekare (beef cooked with peanut sauce and mixed vegetables), steamed shrimp, Chicken sisig, salted egg, Sweet marinated chicken, unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea. The fish is perfectly cooked but a bit bland so you have to dip it in the soy sauce, the chicken sisig is okay but not that amazing, the steamed shrimp is perfectly sweet (that means it is fresh), the sweet marinated chicken is okay but I want my Tocino/longganisa to be soft and chewy, the Beef Kare Kare is too sweet for my taste and their shrimp paste is too salty. They also gave us free sinigang/tangy soup. I suggest that you check all their set menu so you have an idea of the food included in each set.

When it comes to the ambience and theme of the restaurant, aside from their variations of songs being played inside the restaurant and the one being played outdoor, It gives a very Filipino designs in terms of tables and chairs as well as their indoor designs and displays. The servers are friendly and very accomodating. Order time and serving time isn’t that long so yes, you can definitely patiently wait for your food to be serve.

La Mesa Restaurant contact detail
Boodle Fight Menu


Restaurant name: La Mesa Restaurant

Cuisine: Filipino

Location: Ground floor, Centurion Star Tower, behind Day to Day, Deira City Centre, Dubai

Timings: Sun – Thurs – 11:30 am to 12 mn; Fri – Sat 10 am to 12mn

Contact number: 04-2979112

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