Now What? : We go gaga over DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival)

Even guys go gaga over #DubaiShoppingFestival this year. Everyone is heading out to different malls around Dubai to get their hands on the latest fashion trends, gadgets, accessories and a whole lot more. Huge brands like Old Navy, Top shop, Mont Blanc, Nine West, Bershka, Footlocker & many more are having sales/promotions.

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Tips on shopping during #DSF :

1. Come early so you have ample time to try out the clothes/shoes w/o taking time queueing outside the fitting room.

2. If you are early then you will have good chances to find the nicest stuff on sale. Plus,you wont have to dig in the pile of clothes or rack to search for the good stuff.

3. Wear comfortable clothings. Bear in mind that we are in a Muslim country so we need to consider also our Muslim brothers & sisters who might find skimpy & short clothings to be too provocative. In addition, it is cold nowadays so bring jacket or cardigan to keep you warm.

4. Note that it is going to be crowded in the malls so check on the internet which malls are frequently visited. Good suggestion would be #MirdiffCityCentre. The place is amazing and houses big brands & is frequently visited by the local Emiratis.

5. Take care of your belongings. Ensure that you have your phone, card, cash and other items in possession coz you never know, you might misplace it. Dubai is a safe country but sometimes we lose things because we’re too complacent to leave things behind. Of course, we never know if people might mistook it as theirs and bring it with them.

6. If you are going to bring your little ones, try to have them wear a bracelet with your contact details so that it will be easier for someone who will assist them to find you in case they are lost.

7. Dont be an impulsive buyer. Try to research and compare the price prior to buying in the mall. Check out your credit card or debit card promo that you can avail. Dont waste the chance of using these promos.

8. If you get hungry while shopping, save money and head on to their foodcourt. You will appreciate the wide range of food stalls & cuisines that offer affordable & delicious food. Dubai Mall has one of the biggest foodcourt.

Enjoy shopping and remember, DO NOT GO BEYOND YOUR MEANS. 🙂

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