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oec exemption
OEC Exemption succeed!

I have mentioned in my previous post that I will be having my short vacation in my home country and in South Korea, and I just cannot wait for it. However, before I go gaga preparing the things to bring and list down what I need, I have to make sure that all travel documents are A-OKay.

For Filipino OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers like me, we have this travel document that is required from us before we can proceed in exiting our home country and going back to our work destination. It is notoriously known as the OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate (in short, EXIT PASS). OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) is a requirement for OFW at the Philippine Immigration Section (in the Philippine airport) prior to their return to the country where they are working. It is an evidence showing that the individual is a documented Overseas Filipino Worker.

OEC Sample
OEC sample

During my previous travel to my home country, I have to secure a new OEC because I transferred to a new company and I now have a new sponsor and new employment contract. I will share about it on a separate blog. This time I can secure an OEC exemption since 1. I am returning to the same employer; 2. I am returning to the same job site/country; and 3. I have record in POEA database. When you say “record in POEA database”, it means you have previously been issued with an OEC by POEA.

Let me share with you the process of availing OEC exemption thru the Balik Manggagawa/ BM online Processing website:

  1. Go to the BM Online Processing Website. If you are a new user then you need to register. But if you are already registered then you just need to login.
  2. Click the ACQUIRE OEC EXEMPTION square button you find at the upper right side
  3. A pop up box will appear and it will require you to provide your expected flight schedule back to the job site. Then click submit.
  4. Another pop up box will appear and ask you if you are returning to the same employer and same job site. Click Yes to get the exemption. If you click no, it will direct you to the appointment schedule page. 
  5. Confirmation box will appear once you click YES. Then once you confirm that all conditions are met then click ACQUIRE EXEMPTION button in blue. 
  6. You will then get a message stating that you are exempted from securing OEC and it will include your BM exemption number. 

Once you got your BM exemption number, you may now travel back to job site without the need to present an OEC. Just follow the procedure below on the day of your flight.

oec exemption

For more detailed instruction, check out this Frequently Asked Question file from POEA.  Q&A OEC Exemption

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