How to book for your tour accomodation


One of the most time and resource (money) consuming parts of planning for your travel/tour is booking for the accommodation. Aside from the budget, you also need to consider the location, the accessibility, comfort and safety. There are also times wherein we need to book the accommodation ahead of time because hotel bookings/confirmations are required as visa requirements. (And para sa mga Filipino travellers na lalabas ng bansa, minsan or most of the time, hinahanap ng mga Immigration officials yung hotel booking).

For me, I always turn to whenever I look for the most affordable, with free cancellation and no prepayment needed accommodations in the country of my destination. What is good about this website is that you get to see reviews from people who have been there and who have tried the service and facilities of these accommodations. Believe me, there are tons of choices for hotel accommodations to choose from.

Below are my personal tips which you may refer to:

  1. Always look for free cancellation accommodation. With that, you will be able to cancel your booking later on if you find something better or if your tour/travel will be cancelled. Just take note of the cancellation dates because if you were not able to cancel the booking within a specific period of time then you will be charge for it.
  2. As mentioned, if you need a hotel booking as required document for your visa processing, then choose the free cancellation and no prepayment needed accommodations. When you say no prepayment needed, it simply means that payment will be done during your check in. However, please make sure that you choose a no prepayment needed AND free cancellation accommodation so that you can cancel anytime if ever you change your mind.
  3. If you utilize for a number of times then you will be earning the Frequent Traveler (Genius) status. This Genius rewards will get you 10% on your booking as well as other travel perks such as early (2 hours) check in, late (2 hours) check out, welcome drinks, etc to some accommodations.
  4. You may also get USD 15 if you refer a friend and your friend book a hotel/accommodation stay thru  Aside from that, your friend gets 10% back.
  5. Read reviews and check photos of the facilities so that you get a better idea to back you up when deciding to book an accommodation or not.

When SO and I travel, I always make it a point that the place where we are staying is safe and has good reviews. It is really not necessary that it is expensive because most of the time you will be out and about the city. However, if you plan on doing just rest and relaxation, then I suggest you check out the accommodations which are a bit pricey.

You may use the link below to be able to earn 10% of your payment back. – Crazy Feisty Maryl

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