Where to Eat: Bu Qtair Restaurant

If you are craving for fresh seafood and casual dining experience right beside the beach, then head on to Jumeirah road along Kite beach and check out Bu Qtair Restaurant. Known for its quaint, unusual concept and location, this place surely offers limited menu of fried fresh fish (they have Sherry and Hammour), chili fried prawns, curry sauce, yellow/biryani rice (but they also have white rice) and paratha.

Bu Qtair Restaurant

Prior to visiting their place, we decided to give them a call night before our visit and we were informed that they are open during weekend from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM then 6:00PM to 11:30 PM. If you are coming from Deira then you can take Bus X28, else you can take Metro station and get off Jafiliya Station and ride Bus X28. We arrived around 2:00PM and the place is already full so I asked Doppy to check the outdoor seating and reserve a table for us while I wait in the queue at the order station.

Queue at the order station

They have a reminder posted near the order station informing customers that all tables are reserved. So what you need to do is order first then wait outside to be called, once you heard your name, collect your food and ask a server to lead you to an empty table- which obviously we didn’t do. 🙂

Hand wash section & Reminders

When it was my turn to order, I chose half kilo of the marinated and unshelled prawns (1kg is AED 150) and one medium Hamour (i think this is around AED 50). We also ordered 2 plates of Biryani rice and two softdrinks in can. We paid AED 165.00 for all and the servings are just too much for the two of us.

Too be honest, there’s so much hype for this restaurant. I mean the chili prawns aren’t that tasty. It’s rubbery and you’ll taste burned seasonings rather than tasty and flavorful prawns aside from them being too oily. However, we love the very tasty and well-marinated Hamour. The fish meat was able to absorb the seasonings that’s why it’s definitely a star for us. I love Hamour coz it is full of fish meat and less bones but they are just expensive. I prefer having white rice with my fish and prawns because my palate is confused between the taste of the Biryani and the fish & Shrimp. You can add curry sauce to your white rice – this I believe is much better. Our order is good for 3 to 4 person so if you want to experience this restaurant, bring 3 of your friends so you can share the bill among yourselves.

If you plan to visit them, make sure that you have lots of patience because the waiting time for the food to arrive is quite long and sometimes you need to constantly follow up your order. Also, their staff are not that accommodating and attentive because they will ignore you and won’t listen to your inquiries and requests.That’s why It can be frustrating.

Restaurant Name: Bu Qtair Restaurant

Location: Near Burj Al Arab, Street 4D, Opposite Fishermans Accomodation, Umm Suqeim, Dubai (Access location in google map)

Menu: Fried Sherry, Fried Hamour, Fried Prawns, White rice, Biryani rice & Paratha.

Payment method: Cash only

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